The Professor is a Student of nature and Pokémon, the Professor is marked by his followers, his students, able to carry out special missions under his command, the profession has a great love for nature and is always studying plant, producing from bushes stylized Pokémon berries to seeds that have unique effects in the Pokémon World.
In addition, the professor also conducts studies of chemistry and alchemy, being able to produce from the simplest of potions, to fabricate an alchemy lab to increse BOOST strong Pokémon to an entirely new level.
To enter this profession, you sould talk to mentor Professor Elm, it can be found on the left side of the Trade Center along with the mentors of other professions. Becoming a professor, you can use the work desk which is just behind Elm (Professor Workshop E), and it is here that you will can create his first inventions.
The First step, as well as in ther professions, is to check the items that can be made with skill 0. In this case it is possible to Small Potion and Exotic Flower.
Tip: It's a good idea to hunt Pokémon that can provide its ingredients, professor since its inception in a profession that uses a lot of seeds, always try to hunt in places that drop these kinds of items. Always try to mix the potions to get level and to spend the least amout of resources possible.
Tip2: Be careful when buying ingredients on the market, because they pay too expensive, could end up losing money even after the sale of its creation.
Professor requires a lot of patience in collecting its resources, it must use a Gardening Bag to collect resources shrubs (bushes) that are present in small forests, as well as large shrubs that appear randomly by forests, caves and other environments.
This material is used to produce virtually all items of professors, from plants to the most sophisticated of Pokédex.
Tip: When you want to focus on getting resource, try to find a plance with many bushes, and have a fixed route, as they always grow back after a while.
From level 20, profession skill, professor will be able to recruit their stundets, they perform mission and leave a part of his conquests to his beloved mentor!
To administer the Student, the professor must use an item called Student Monitor, which can be used free of charge in the profession Mentor room or create in through the craft for use in any home game.
Every student has their own name, clan and Three Pokémon. Over time, as the student develops his level, the professor can ask them to change Pokémon to seek stronger.
To start a mission, it is necessary that the player drag the student crad for the desired mission, next will be the percentage of success to complete this mission. This percentage is based on two factors:
  • The convey the average of the Three Pokémon and Student compared to the level of the mission.
  • Student CLAN affects in a BONUS in the chance of success and can be positive or negative, depending on the mission element.
Within these missions involving students, they can be divided into:
  • Hunting Missions: The most common type of mission, this type of mission experience and rewards are standard.
  • Training Missions: This type of mission is a good option to leave its strongest student. The experience gained is 2x but there is no chance to come any prize.
  • Capturing Missions: This type of mission, a little rarer, the player gets experience and reward by half compared to hunt mission, however, has the possibility of capturing a Pokémon student to mentor.
  • Special Missions: This type of mission, even rarer, are special mission that run completely unique way, varying in each case. These missions the player gets the greatest impact awards.
The professor can also call a student to help in their battles in real time, this requires that the professor has a Smartphone, which must be produced by an engineer.
Tip: Avoid changing Pokémon all the time, do it wisely when your student is at a more advanced level compared to current Pokémon.
Tip2: Missions with a difference of 30 or more convey their student will not experiences nor rewards.
Tip3: Optimize your time well, has students from several different clans to have successes against various elements.

Check the topic Estudantes de Professores helpful information about their students; Credits: Revoltsz and Undertaker Br.

No Professor is certainly a lucrative profession, but it is not as easy as it seems, takes a long time for the player to feel the effects of profit, the way there can be a bit tiring.
There are three main ways to profit:
  • The first is already explained by the students, but of course, that profit will have considerable value only when they reach a reasonable level and the player has all five students doing missions simultaneously.
  • The second is through the berries. Even if apparently they are unattractive, a well-controlled berries plantation can provide great profits. In order to make the berries the player needs to have a house in the game.
  • A third way to profit and probably the most targeted by those seeking to be a professor is the ability to manipulate alchemy in order to build a real laboratory to boost Pokémon. These labs can be used by all professions, but only Professors produce the laboratory and the ingredients for your use.
Tip: Be careful not to let the berries rot, use an alarm to ensure they do not forget to harvest them on time.
The Professor is the one who can make and use: The system of students and their rewards, like call a student to help in their hunts.
Note: If a profession is under exclusive does not mean that it is worsem each one is very unique and has its positive and negative sides.