The Engineer is the master of Technology and production of mechanical and electronic objects. The player who is an engineer will have the ability to create multiple electronic devices to aid in their journey, especially poke balls that are essential to any Pokémon trainer. Engineer, is also mainly characterized by the production of unique Pokeballs.
To enter this profession, you should talk to Kurt mentor, it can be found on the left side of the Trade Center along with the mentors of other professions. Turning an engineer, you can use the work desk which is just behind the Kurt (Engineer Workshop E), and it is here that you will can create his first inventions.
The first Step, as well as in other professions, is to check the items that can be made with skill 0. In this case is the poke ball joint and screws that help to do it. The craft of poke balls helps a lot in the beginning of the game it ends up being much cheaper that the common store.
Tip: It's a good idea to hunt Pokémon that can provide its ingredients, and only use the craft of screw if you have left more iron ores than you can use in poke balls.
Tip: Be careful when buying ingredients on the market, because they pay too expensive, could end up losing money even after the viewing of your creation.
The main feature of the engineer are the minerals that can be collected with the pick they received on entering the profession. These minerals can be found in any natural area of the map, such as caves, mountains, forests, desert, ice ...
Tip: Areas with less players are easier to find ores, it will have fewer people collecting.
Tip2: Areas that can not fly with fly, like caves, is more likely to find large ore.
From the Rank D, engineers can build turrets to help in the hunt or to defeat the most dangerous Pokémon, as Shinies and NPCs of the Brotherhood. The Turrets can help causing blind effect and causing damage to wild Pokémon, there is a limit turrets to be positioned, however there are many different types of turrets, which allows the player to create a veritable minefield in that hunt. To produce the necessary Turrets are some Electronic Scraps, which is nothing more than a junk especies. For these scraps, the Engineer must have the Tool Box item (Rank D) with this item the engineer can break the electronic equipment into several pieces, producing electronic scraps, which is essential for various equipment, especially the Turrets.
Tip: The turrets are immobile and are for a limited time helping you when you are near, so are good to use in strategic places where the best out of it will be taken away.
The primary means of profit as an engineer is selling poke balls, they are needed by all players, so it's a very stable trade. They can also build various electronic decoration for homes, many addons and utilities thar are very important for more experienced players. Another way to profit in the longer term is producing utilities famous, namely: Smarphone (extremely item needed to Professors), Health Check (Allows the coach can see the life of any person or Pokémon in the game), Digital Clock (A digital timer, which can be used to mark Spawn times and Quest, very practical and dynamic), Duelist Radar, Detector Boss, and other sophisticated equipment.
Note: All manufactured items can be sold at NPC Machvise that is in the same room of Kurt.
The Engineer is the only one who can use: Turrets & Motorcycles
Note: If a profession is under exclusive does not mean that it is worse, each one is very unique and has its positive and negative sides.