The Adventurer is the perfect profession for those who like to travell all over the map in search of mysteries, trying to uncover hitherto unknown facts. No doubt it is a Profession that most differs from the other.
The Adventurer has a dynamic and spontaneous journey, not knowing what the future holds for him, the Adventurer's focus is not on producing items, but find them. Your goal is to create LockPick (utensil to open chests found) and Item Finders that allows you to search for treasure and hidden tombs.
By profession to be an open enormous possibilities, Adventurer may be the profession that progresses faster in the game as well as being the slowest too, everything depends on the level of experience and persistence of the player.
To enter this profession, you should talk to mentor Todd Snap, it can be found on the left side of the Trade Center along with the mentors of other professions. Turning a Adventurer, you can use the work desk which is just behind Todd Snap (Adventurer Workshop E), and it is here that you will can create his first Lockpicks and Item Finders.
The first step, as well as in other professions, is to check the items that can be made with skill 0. In this case it is possible to Item Finder E and Lockpick.
Tip: The Adventurous life basically revolves around these two items. Always have a lot of Lockpicks because even without having any Item Finder, you can still find some chests scattered around the map.
The Adventurer always have to be aware of the treasures in the scenery, you do not have any cost and make excellent rewards. The Lockpick is a fundamental part of every Adventurer, so it must be good to have more left over to ensure they will not miss!
To use it in a chest, will pop up a window to try to open it, the player must position the mouse and the press SPACE to rotate the Lock case reaches the perfect fit will open the chest. The Lockpick will turn red if you are in a wrong position, and may even break, however the player can release the SPACE before it breaks, or use another lockpick usually a break. The difficulty of opening the chests and the awards are influenced by the Adventurous player skill.
The Item Finder is an artifact covers to find a treasure chest hidden secret caves (dungeon) in both cases the Adventurous need a Shovel (Shovel) to dig. The Item Finder works in a very basic way, the player puts it on the floor and he will point toward the chest / nearest dungeon. When the Finders is in green mean that the Site is near, when the yellow color means that the Site is a moderate distance and when it is red means the Finder is a long distance from the Chest/ dungeon, probably on another island. The Finder can also indicate when the target object is in floors up or down from the current level. Then the player must dig in places believed to be treasure using the shovel when finding the chest should use lockpick to open it.
An item always present at the award of the chests and dungeons is the Gold Coin, that item is used for the production of new Item Finders higher ranking and producing a few unique items, like the Held X-Block item and some statues. But can also be sold for cash if it is missing.
Tip: Always try to use the Item Finder in an open space without many mountains and caves, this will facilitate the player to find their treasure and spending less finders.
Tip2: Avoid unnecessarily spend your Gold Coins, they are very important resources for production best Item Finders.
As has been said, Adventurer is a totally open profession and can not always make big profits or oven losses. The most profitable profession items that can be found in chests and Dungeons. Among them we can mention: Fortune Toten, Shiny Charm and Premier Balls.
Fortune Totems are small statues obtained by Adventurer's that guarantee bonuses in the amount of items falling from Pokémon in a large area, greatly increasing the profit of the hunt for a while.
The Shiny Charm is an extremely rare item that can be found and sold. Its owners are more likely to encounter wild Shinies after defeating a Pokémon.
The Premier Balls are only balls that have the same chance to capture an Ultra Ball, when the player captures a Pokémon with them, this Pokémons come automatically with an Aura Exclusive. Pokémon with this aura has its extremely higher values than normal to have this unique aura.
Adventurer's can still find Golden Statues of Pokémon for decoration and create statues of Legendary worth a lot!
The Adventurer is the only one who can make and use: The Cooking System and can do missions and cooking unique foods. Also the Adventurer has a canoe to assist in their mobility and a swimming kit, both options allow the player to swim without a Pokémon with the Surf ability.
Note: If a profession is under exclusive does not mean that it is worse, each one is very unique and has its positive and negative sides.