Golden Survival Arena

The Golden Survival Arena is an event that happens every 5 hours, where the players are teleported to an arena and they must survive the rounds with multiple pokemons and everytime are strongers, also called as waves. On the following, we will explain the structure and how to participate.

In the lobby of the event you will find the NPC Nurse JoyMarkDealer Meowth and two tables on the wall, in addition to the Pokemon Center Locker.

To participate of the event you must have the item called as Meowth Coin. This item can be obtained by dropping from Meowth Hunter or buying from the NPC Hunter Dealer.


You: hi
Meowth Dealer: Hello survivalist! If you want MEOWTH COINS, you're in the right place!
You: meowth coin
Meowth Dealer: I have a good offer for you, 2 meowth coins for 1 diamond, what do you think?
You: yes
Meowth Dealer: You need one diamond to buy meowth coins.

As you can see, with one diamond you can buy two Meowth Coins.

Now that you have the item meowth coin you need to sign up and to do that you have to use (right click of your mouse) the meowth coin, by doing that your name will go to one of the tables mentioned before. Once registered, you will need to be in the Golden Island at the time of the event, because you will be automatically pulled into the arena.

The table of the left is the Ranking of the event and the table of the right is the list of the participants for the next event.


As we have mentioned before, this event occurs every five hours after the previous event, we will do a list below with a series of information about this.

  • There is no limit of waves, it means, the players will stay on that area till they all dies, every level will be harder.
  • There is a ranking with 10 positions, and the limit of each event is 15 participants. The event can start with only one player participating of this.
  • Once you were registered for the event, you can go to hunt or even go out, you will only need to be in the Golden Island at the time it is started.
  • Each wave you resist, your prize will be higher.
  • Will only enter to the Ranking the last survivor of the event. Assuming there are 10 participants, only one, the last to die, will count the waves for the ranking.
  • The players can use revives, potions, medicines, use the party system, etc.
  • You can go to the lobby of the event by using teleport, once you have said “hi” on the NPC Nurse Joy. The command for the teleport is h”Golden.
  • Players from any level can participate of the event.
  • If you die on the arena, you won’t lose anything.