Smeargle Tutorial

#235 Smeargle
It's a normal type Pokémon, it isn't evolved and doesn't evolve to any other Pokémon. It's know how the Painter Pokémon, because he has a long tail that ends in a structure like a painting brush and has a special ink fluid.
Smeargle is a Pokémon that originally only has one attack, called 'Sketch'.
However, on the game he will learn several 'Sketch', like in GBA. Sketch is an ability that copy permanently an attack of any other Pokémon on the game.
The Smeargles, when captured, come with a Random Stats, in other word, you can catch Smeargle level 15 even level 80. They will have life, defense and amount of 'Sketch' different.
You must think very much before use a 'Sketch', because after this, it can't be changed. To know how many 'Sketchs' your Smeargle can learn, just look Smeargle PokéDex, or use 'look' on the Poké Ball and will appear this:
20:01 You see a Pokeball.
Contains a smeargle 8.
Where 8 is the number of 'Sketch' that he can learn.
How to use Sketch.
1st Step: Remove the Smeargle from his Poké Ball and keep in mind what Pokémon attack you want to copy.
2nd Step: When you decide the attack you want copy, you must use the Sketch according with the attack number. For example, if you want copy Magikarp's Splash, it's m1 that you must use.
3rd Step: After using the m1 Sketch, you must click on the Order button and select the Magikarp, then the attack will be copied permanently.
  • If you want to copy an attack that is the m7 of a Pokémon, it's necessary that your Smeargle has Sketch till the m7. A Smeargle who has only 4 Sketch, can only copy attacks to the m4.
  • The attack copied will have the same force, cooldown and level of the Pokémon that was copied. For example, if you copy the Absorb of a Shiny Vileplume, it will be necessary having level 120 to use, will have the same force and cooldown. Differente if it had copied of an Oddish.
  • The Sketch copied is permanent, so take care before making your choice because if you repent, your unique option is to release your Pokémon.
  • Smeargle isn't a Pokémon hard to catch, but obviously, as better you stats is, it will be rarer.
  • Some attacks can't be copied, according with the PxG Team choice, for a better balance.
If you want to know what attack Smeargle can't copy, click here.