Catching Pokémon

For catch any Pokémon right click in your empty Pokeball and click on defeated Pokémon.
Successful catch
Unsuccessful catch
Easy Catch System (Catch based on attempts)
The easy catch system was created to help players to not have an extreme waste while trying to catch pokémon. It works calculating how much money you have already wasted trying to catch it, using the balls price.

As your waste is rising and getting near or surpassing the price of the pokémon in NPC Heather your chances to catch the pokémon also rises avoiding you to have an extreme waste.

1- Pokémon considered rares by development team WILL NOT be in easy catch system, you can consult the pokémon in easy catch system  clicking here.
2- The easy catch system DOES NOT GUARANTEE PROFIT on pokémon catching, it is possible or even likely you use more balls than the pokemón really worth.
3- Any number of pokeballs wasted in a pokémon can be considered normal. This system is integrated and if it has any kind of BUG it is going to bug to EVERY SINGLE PLAYER AND CATCHES, in other words, it is IMPOSSIBLE to happen a bug in only one catch.