2° Sequência de challenges:

Challenge 1:

(Imagem retirada do video Tutorial Unown Challenges, do canal oficial do BlogPxG)

Nessa challenge você deverá chegar perto da arma laser, para movimenta-la basta mover para cima ou para baixo, para atira digite !shot.Para concluir esta challenge você deve matar 50 unowns.

Dica: tente sempre matar os unowns que estão juntos e coloque o !shot em uma hotkey para facilitar, não use o shot sem parar, pois assim a arma se sobrecarregará e você não poderá atirar por um curto tempo, com isso não terá nenhum problema nessa challenge.


Challenge 2:

(Imagem retirada do video Tutorial Unown Challenges, do canal oficial do BlogPxG)

(Imagem retirada do video Tutorial Unown Challenges, do canal oficial do BlogPxG)

Nessa challenge você deverá seguir o caminho até chegar no buraco, tome cuidado com os pilares com olhos, quando os olhos estão abertos totalmente você levará dano como se estivesse passando em cima do fogo, ande somente quando os pilares estiverem com os olhos fechados.

Dica: esta parte é bem simples mas tome cuidado que as vezes o olho te engana e pode abrir novamente seguidas vezes, se achar necessário passe por cima de alguns fogos para chegar mais rápido no final.


Challenge 3:

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Aqui o unowns irá lhe fazer algumas perguntas e você deve responder corretamente, se errar você levará dano, você deve contar corretamente os pokemon que o unown lhe perguntar. Para concluir esta challenge você deve responder corretamente 20 perguntas.

Dica: as perguntas será sobre as cores dos pokemon, quantos são de um determinado elemento, quantos de um pokemon específico ou quantos são de uma determinada temporada (johto ou kanto). Para facilitar em algumas perguntas fique ciente que sempre será sumonado 25 pokemon, logo por exemplo no caso de pergunta sobre pokemon de Johto você pode contar os de kanto e depois subtrair o resultado por 25 que dará a quantidade de pokemon de Johto.


Challenge 4:

(Imagem retirada do video Tutorial Unown Challenges, do canal oficial do BlogPxG)

(Imagem retirada do video Tutorial Unown Challenges, do canal oficial do BlogPxG)

Aqui é parecido com a agatha quest, você abrirá a lista e notará 8 pistas, essas pistas leva a alguns pokemon. Descobrindo os pokemon você deve clicar na toy dele, casso erre você deverá pegar uma nova lista com novas pistas.


Aerodactyl: It is a prehistoric creature, hardly found in the wild / It has a purple color under its wings / It has some kind of relation with dragons

Aipom: It loves bananas above any other foods / Most of its species lives in heavily wooded areas or in trees

Arbok: Its a vengeful creature, it never stop chasing a prey / Most of its body is covered with purple-colored scales

Blastoise: It look like a giant tortoise / It has a tough brown shell 

Beedrill: It has large red eyes / It has incredibly painful stings and move extremely fast

Bulbasaur: A seed is planted on its back by its mother at birth / Has an enhanced boost of energy from the sun during the day / It is a reptilian toad-like creature 

Cyndaquil: The four red circles on its back emits fire as it get angrier / It can push back enemies using the flames on its back / It is usually timid and don't know its real power

Chansey: It can lay several eggs in a single day / Its body has an egg shape / This creature can only be female

Charmeleon: It has fire by the end of its tail / It tend to be bad-tempered and hotheaded / It is a salamander, that somewhat resembles a dinosaur

Cloyster: It has a lot of spikes covering its shell / Its head look like a black pearl / It lives deep underwater among rocks

Delibird: It's an ice flying pokemon / It can store food, present and other things in its tail / Its appearance resembles a penguin 

Diglett: It look like it's buried in the ground / It can dig underground very fast / The most notable thing on it is a big, pink-colored nose

Donphan: Its appearance resembles an elephant / It has the ability to curl up into a ball and violently roll around like a wheel / The leader of its herd is the one with largest tusk 

Farfetch'd: Its always carrying a stick that may be used as a weapon / It has a large head compared to its duck-like body / Its eyebrows have an V shape 

Gastly: It can move through walls and obstacles since its body is made of gas / it has a prankster behavior, scaring other just for the fun / It lives in old buildings and cemeteries 

Girafarig: It has a very long neck / It has two heads, each of them with a brain / it's herbivore, eating only leaves and grass

Heracross: It is a creature with blue exoskeleton / It is surprisingly strong for its size, and is able to knock down massive trees with its mighty horn / Its preferred foods is sap from trees and other plant juices

Kadabra: It is always carrying a spoon / It has a red star symbol on the head / Its name is used by magicians all over the world 

Lanturn: It appears to be wearing a yellow mask / It is a carnivorous underwater hunter / It lives over 5 kilometers deep in the ocean

Machop: The skin is gray and has stripes on the head / Its body is very similar to a human body / Even being small, it has strength to lift and throw and adult man

Mareep: It has wool covering most of its body / It lives in grass fields and tend to avoid wild battles

Meganium: It has a large pink flower around its neck / It has an aroma that calms anyone around it and remove aggressive thought / Its breath has the power to give life to dead nature

Metapod: In order to conserve energy, it generally remain motionless / It is unable to do anything other than harden its outer shell 

Nidoking: It has a large horn on its head with poisonous property / Its ear are very large and green

Noctowl:  It can turn its head for 180 degree angle / It can fly very silently, making it an effective predator / Have six black triangules on the chest

Pidgeot: It has keen eyes that allow it to see from over a kilometer / The feathers on its head-crest are nearly as long as its body / It can create winds strong enough to rip trees from the ground

Piloswine: It has an enormous hump on its back / It's a furry creature, the fur is always covering its eyes

Pikachu: Its tail has a zig-zag style / It has two red circles on its cheeks / It crosses tails with another of its specie as greetings

Poliwag: It has a very curious mark of a swirl on its abdomen / It developed legs but still can't use it / Its is bigger than its body and mostly transparent

Scyther: It is very rare to be found in the wild, but can be found in the safari zone  / Its forearms are very large and has blade shapes / It can cut trees with a single blow 

Shuckle: It almost only eat berries and store them on its shell / It has many small holes around its hard shell / When it hold a berry for a long time, it become a rare candy

Slugma: Its body appears to consist entirely of magma / What this creature eats is not known, but its body consumes rocks for nutrients

Smeargle: It has a kind of fluid on its tail that is used to paint / It can learn almost any move permanently with just a single ability / It lives in groups and marks their territory with paintings 

Snorlax: The belly is the biggest part of its body / It spend most of the time sleeping, or eating / It is able to eat any kind of food, even moldy ones 

Spinarak: It has marks on the abdomen that look like a face that change according to its mood / It has a horn and red fangs / Its is a patient hunter that can wait motionless for days until a victim enter its trap

Steelix: It has a giant serpentine body made of iron / Prefer to live underground in deep caves / Its body can be over 10 meters long 

Teddyursa: Its favorite food is honey, but still eat some berries and fruits / It has a moon shape symbol on its head / It tend to lick its own paws because it absorbs honey 

Togepi: It is a childish creature, therefore it need more attention to keep it safe /Its body is covered inside its own egg / Its body has an egg shape / It has spikes on the head that resembles a crown

Xatu: It has the ability to see the future and the past with its eyes / It's a psychic-flying pokemon / It has the ability to see the future and the past with its eyes / Its appearance resembles a totem pole

Wobbuffet: This creature never make the first move in battle, because it is very good at countering enemy attacks / Its female version appear to be wearing lipstick / It lives in very dark places to hide its tail