From the moment the trainer reaches level 80 he shall be accepted in Pokémon Clans, divided according to the elements, where he will start at rank 1 and can reach the rank 5, following the hierarchy of the Clans, to rise in a rank within your clan you will have to follow the instructions of their mentors, these mentors will change every rank you go up. To join a clan, talk to the leader, who is in the Main Hall, you will each clan in the TC (Trade Center).
Every Clan has a bonus attack and defense on its elements plus a unique Pokémon, which can be acquired by NPCs clan:
Naturia: Grass/Bug - Pokémon: Shiny Vileplume
Volcanic: Fire - Pokémon: Shiny Flareon
Raibolt: Electric - Pokémon: Shiny Jolteon
Seavell: Water/Ice - Pokémon: Shiny Vaporeon
Wingeon: Dragon/Flying - Pokémon: Shiny Fearow
Orebound: Rock/Ground - Pokémon: Shiny Golem
Gardestrike: Fighting/Normal - Pokémon: Shiny Hitmontop
Psycraft: Psychic/Fairy - Pokémon: Shiny Hypno
Malefic: Ghost/Poison/Dark - Pokémon: Shiny Nidoking
Ironhard: Metal/Crystal - Pokémon: Shiny Lucario