Paypal system


This is gonna be a tutorial made for those players that are not from Brazil and want to know how to donate through paypal.
First at all, go to the official website and login on your Account, then click at the Donate button that is located at your manage account

After using the button you will be sent to a new website, where you can start the donation process, it is pretty easy, just click at the “Comprar Agora” button, here:

Then you will sent to the paypal website, where you can select the quantity (Quantidade), and remember that 1 is gonna be 10 diamonds, so if you want 20 diamonds put there 2, if you want 50 diamond, put there 5, and so on (In this Tutorial we will buy only 10 diamonds, so we have selected the quantity of 1), after you have done this, please log into your paypal account and click in Pay Now!

After you have made that, your donation has already been sent to the paypal account of the PokexGames Team and the paypal system will give you the number of the transaction you need to send via Email.

After making a donation, send an email to indicating the number of your account, number of the transaction, name and Email used in Paypal.


  • US$5 = 10 Diamonds.
  • It can take a time of 4 business days to get the diamonds into your account after you have sent this email, so it is recommended to wait patiently.
  • We have a bonus for donations made through a Verified Paypal Account, it is 11 diamonds for each 5 USD you donate, so it means, it is one (1) diamond more than normal accounts.

Tutorial made by Zraknoss.