The Stylist is a master in the art of creating clothes and objects, the player will have the ability to create various decorative items to decorate the houses and garments players and Pokémon. The Stylist is also able to create unique Toys of the third and fourth generation Pokémon Pikachu Cosplay Figures and Figures, and a very lucrative profession. Stylist is the ideal profession for players who like to collect various items.
To enter this profession, you should talk to Shae mentor, it can be found on the left side of the Trade Center along with the mentors of the other Professions. Turning a Stylist, you can use the work desk which is just behind the Shae (Stylist Workshop E), and it is here that you will can create his first decorations.
The first step, as well as in other professions, is to check the items that can be made with skill 0. In this case are some basic furniture for homes or XP Plank.
Tip: It's a good idea to hunt Pokémon that can provide its ingredients, be aware that many items that formerly were expendable are extremely essential for a Stylist, such as the Wool Balls, used in virtually every Outfits low and intermediate convey.
Tip2: Be careful when buying ingredients on the market, because they pay too expensive, could end up losing money even after the sale of tis creation.
The Stylist, unlike other professions, uses two features like recipe for the production of your items.
The first item of the collection is drawing book, the Stylist uses to draw the defeated Pokémon in order to get Style and Fashion Potions. This material is mainly used in the production of addon, outfits.
The second item collection is the woodcutter's axe, is used by the Stylist to cut trees for logs (wood). This wood is used in production of heavier decorative objects, such as furniture, beds and big Figures.
Tip: When using the drawing book, always try to kill many monsters together, it is possible to draw them all at once.
Tip2: Look for a place to hunt that as plenty of trees (tree), so the player can level up your level and collect resources at the same time.
Early on, the Stylists will be introduced the mechanics of the Banner XP, which are a kind of flag that adds to the experience gained in a very large area. Every Rank, the Stylist learns to create a more efficient flag, reaching a bonus of 60% experience at the last Rank. The great advantage of making the Banner XP, is that in addition to advancing skill with a very useful item, the player only needs money and collecting materials to produce without worrying about getting specific items.
Tip: The Banners have a wide-ranging, but they should be positioned intelligently, preferably somewhere that covers all or most of the route that the player intends to do.
Tip2: The Banners can build with the Held Item X-Experience allowing the player well equipped to make a far superior experience to all other professions in a hunt.
There are several ways to profit from being a Stylist, initially the player can profit quite making addons and outfits to sell in the market. As evolves the skill ranking will produce increasingly interesting clothes that will always bring good profits.
As you become more experienced Stylist will produce various furniture that will be great demand for those players who want to decorate their homes. Still have to market the Builder Kit, which is an item capable of changing the appearance of the floorts of the houses!
It can also be produced utilities such as Fashion Shoes and Fashion Heart, which bring great bonus to any players who use them.
Tip: Stylist is the profession that fired, produces the largest amount of items in the Workshop, save all dropable item, especially thos obtained from Pokémon few usually hunt, virtually all dropable item actually have, or will have any use for any profession, even more for Stylists.
The Stylist is the one who can make and use: The XP Banners, Diving Suit (diving clothes), Sandboarding Gear (Mobility in the Sand) and Snowboard Gear (Mobility in the Snow). It is the wetsuit and snow cloting slightly higher over the conventionals.
Note: If a profession is under exclusive does not mean it's worse, each one is very unique and has its positive and negative sides.