Nome: Abra
Level: 10
Elemento: Psychic
Habilidades: Teleport, Light and Blink
Pedra de evolução: Enigma Stone
Abra, requer level 15.
Kadabra, requer level 40.
Alakazam, requer level 80.
m1 - Restore - level 15 - psychic. (80s)
m2 - Psy Pulse - level 10 - psychic. (10s)
m3 - Psychic - level 20 - psychic. (35s)
m4 - Calm Mind - level 13 - psychic. (40s)
Efetividade contra Abra:
Super efetivo: Bug, Ghost and Dark.
Normal: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Poison, Ground, Flying, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Crystal and Fairy.
Muito inefetivo: Fighting and Psychic.